Training Programs
There are different types of training programs suit for the needs of every child.

Special Education:
To convert disability into ability through professional interventions.

Individual Educational Program:
Individual attention to each and every child to develop their personal, socialization, communication, cognition and many other skills they need.

Behaviors Modifications:
For increasing desirable behaviors in a person after a detailed assessment of current deficits and assets in the skill behaviors.

Computer Education:
Contribute to the increase in the attention and concentration for children to increase their academics.

Vocational training:
Emphasis on overall development of the child to learn to earn through vocational training.

Speech Therapy:
Provided for the children having speech disorders.

Special teaching and therapy for autism spectrum disorders.

Horticulture therapy:
Release tension to actively participate to learn more from nature.

Occupational therapy:

Physical Fitness training:
Concentrate on the physical development of children.

Residential Facilities:
Short term and long term residential care and day care.

Elementary education:
Provided for the children through open school system.
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